Access Control System

NITRO Door Access and Time Attendance System provides wide range of access card format reader and stable hardware controller. Our factory has over 10 years in door access development and production, and we have many different market experience of door access system. Basic and stable system with customized product feature gives the good experience of system application. NITRO focuses on how to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of customer's daily operation.

Demonstration of NITRO Door Access Reader Production - Aging Testing

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Access Control System

NITRO video surveillance mainly provides high quantity cameras to the market. True colour technology and picture sharpness enhancement offers the best video quality to the CCTV system. We help the system integrator and users for the selection of suitable CCTV cameras for the installation environment, including the choices of camera housing, camera colour, picture brightness, viewing angle and the angle of infrared effectiveness. Clear picture and long-lasting product gives you the confidenceof CCTV system.

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Access Control System

NITRO R&D team develops the advanced technology for providing the unqiue system features to the market. By using the new application and customized system design, customer can enjoy the proper usage of their own idea system. Audio analysis is the completely new system system in the market, this can provide the features which the traditional system cannot perform. CCTV system can provide the live display and record the video, operator can understand the situation of the environment by looking at the CCTV. However, if the event or environmental change cannot be seen easily by the CCTV system, operator would still not be able to know the instance during general monitoring. Audio without voice detector can be used for detection of car crashed, car alarm notification or people calling help when needed. In this situation, audio sensor can provide preliminary alert to the operators to look at specific camera for checking the environment, and the operators can make use of the CCTV camera video for event verification. This can prevent any missing event and help the linking between CCTV system and Alarm System.

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